Massey Ferguson 4607M, 4609M, 4610M Tractor Service Repair Manual PDF Download



Massey Ferguson 4607M, 4609M, 4610M Tractor Service Repair Manual PDF Download

This authentic Massey Ferguson service repair manual contains high quality images, diagrams, instructions to help you to operate, maintenance, diagnostic, and repair your truck. This document is printable, without restrictions, contains searchable text, bookmarks, crosslinks for easy navigation.

This service manual contains detailed maintenance, service, repair and troubleshooting procedures for Massey Ferguson 4607M, 4609M, 4610M Tractors. The service manual is a must for all 4607M, 4609M, 4610M Tractor owners and mechanics. Print off the pages including detailed diagrams and accurate illustrations you need at any time and save time and money on repair.

MF 4600M Series Tractor Service Manual Topic List:

The service manual
Replacement parts
Units of measurement
Serial number plate
Engine identification
Chassis number
Engine specifications
Electrical specifications
Transmission specifications
Power takeoff specifications
Front axle specifications
Rear axle specifications
Brake specifications
Hydraulic specifications
Fuel specifications
Operating slope angle
Lubrication specifications
Wheel bolt torque chart
Tire inflation pressures
Maximum load capacity
General dimensions
Platform tractor dimensions
Cab tractor dimensions
Lubrication / fill points
Lubrication and maintenance chart
Initial lubrication and maintenance chart
Lubrication fill and drain locations
General precations for disassembly and installation
Precautions for disassembling and installing
Precautions when installing according to standard parts
Tightening torque chart
Conversion table
Safety introduction
Safety alert symbol
Safety messages
Informational messages
Safety signs
Prepare for operation
Roll over protective structure
General information
Personal protective equipment
Seat instruction
Shield and guards
Power takeoff safety
Exhaust warning
Flying debris
Agricultural chemicals
Travel on public roads
General maintenance information
Fire prevention and first aid
High pressure leaks
Engine safety
Fuel safety
Battery safety
Tire safety
Replacement parts
Engine, Fuel And Exhaust System
Electronic diagnostic tool
Engine service tool software license
Connecting the electronic diagnostic tool
Component access
Opening the engine cover
Closing the engine cover
Removing the engine cover
Installing the engine cover
Head lamp and engine cover net
Side cover
Removing the engine
Installing the engine
Removing the radiator
Fuel tank
Removing the fuel tank
Diesel exhuast fluid tank
Selective catalytic reduction
Diesel oxidation catalyst
Engine service manual
Insert the engine service manual here
Drive Train System
Separating the engine from the front transmission
Separating the front and midtransmission housings
Separating the mid and rear transmission housings
Separating the rear axle from the rear transmission case
Attaching the rear axle to the rear transmission case
Power shuttle transmission
Power train
Gear ratios
Shuttle clutch
Assembling precautions for power shuttle
Clutch pack
Reverse clutch pack components
Disassembling the reverse clutch
Input gears
Removing the input gear
Disassembling the input gear
Assembling the input gears
Disassembling the rear and midtransmission housing
Input gears
Transmission main change gears
Assembling precautions for main gear system
Main shift lever
Assembling precautions for the main shift lever
Disassembling the highlow gear
Creep gear
Creeper gear components
Disassembling the creeper gear
Assembling the creeper gear
Transmission range change gears
Range gear shift
Installing the range gear shift
Range shift linkage
Independent power takeoff
Power takeoff clutch
Assembling power takeoff precautions
Fourwheel drive gears, if equipped
Assembling fourwheel drive, if equipped
Fourwheel drive gear system
Two wheeldrive gear system
Power takeoff speed
Power takeoff lever
Power takeoff link check system
Low profile lever
Removing the platform
Removing the floor mat and steps
Installing the floor mats and steps
Removing the fender
Installing the fender
Removing the cab
Installing the cab
Removing the cab roof
Installing the cab roof
Opening the roof
Removing the door
Installing the door
Adjusting the door tilt
Adjusting the opening angles of the door
Installing the door lock
Relay position
Cab lamp
Wiper and flood light switches
Air conditioner control panel
Air conditioning dual pressure switch
Cab wire harness
Installing the speaker system
Installing the antenna assembly
Rear defoger, if equipped
Removing the seat
Installing the seat
Roll over protective structure
Removing the roll over protective structure
Installing the roll over protective structure
Steering column
Removing the steering column
Installing the steering column
Steering wheel
Removing the steering wheel
Installing the steering wheel
Adjusting the mirror arm assembly
Air conditioning system
Air conditioner outline
Air conditioner system specifications
Drain hoses
Air conditioner hoses
Heater hose
Installing the insulator
Receiver dryer
Air conditioner unit
Expansion valve
Air conditioning dual pressure switch
Air conditioner operation
Air conditioner inspection and maintenance
Refrigerant amount check
Air conditioner compressor belt
Adjusting the air conditioner compressor belt
Servicing the condenser
Changing the air conditioner filter
Removing the air conditioner compressor
Installing the air conditioner compressor
Removing the condenser
Installing the condenser
Removing the receiver dryer
Installing the receiver dryer
Removing the air conditioner unit
Air conditioner control lever cable
Shutter for inside/outside air control
Assembling the air conditioner and relative components
Safety precautions when charging the refrigerant
Connecting the service gauge manifold
Evacuating the air conditioning system
Preforming airtight check
Preforming the airtight check
Charging from the high pressure side
Charging from the low pressure side
Detaching the service gauge manifold
Troubleshooting the air conditioner system
Threepoint linkage and drawbar
Threepoint linkage
Draw bar
Maintaining drawbar components
Draw bar
Maintaining drawbar components
Removing the lift cylinder case
Rear axle
General Information
Rear axle and brakes
Rear differential lock system and housing
Rear axle housing and differential gears
Disassembling the rear axle housing
Inspecting the rear axle and the brakes
Brake discs
Separator plates
Ring gear and pinion
Removing the ring gear and the pinion
Disassembling the ring gear and the pinion
Inspecting the ring gear and pinion assembly
Assembling the ring gear and the pinion
Installing the ring gear and the pinion
Backlash specification
Thrust collar specification
Tooth contact pattern
Assembling the pinion bevel
Differential lock
Front axle
Removing the front axle
Front axle component inspection
Installing the front axle
Front axle components
Fourwheel drive shaft components
Hydraulic steering
Twowheel drive front axle component
Twowheel drive steering controller system
Twowheel drive tie rod system
Front differential (fourwheel drive only)
Disassembling the pinion carrier
Overhauling the pinion carrier
Inspecting the pinion carrier
Assembling the pinion carrier
Disassembling the differential gears
Inspecting the differential gears
Assembling the differential gears
Final drive components
Removing the wheel shaft seal/cover
Installing the wheel shaft seal/cover
Removing the front axle center section
Installing the front axle center section
Removing the front axle bracket oil seal
Installing the front axle bracket oil seal
Final drive housing (fourwheel drive only)
Disassembling the final drive housing
Inspecting the final drive housing
Assembling the final drive housing
Tie rod assembly
Front wheel alignment
Adjusting the front wheel alignment
Steering free play
Front axle troubleshooting
Brake System
Disassembling the brakes
Inspecting the brake discs and the separator plates
Checking the brake adjustment
Adjusting the brakes
Electrical System
Wire color chart
Power shuttle general information
Wiring diagrams
Battery wiring diagram
Instrument panel wiring diagram
Head lamp wiring diagram
Controller wiring diagram
Cab wiring diagram
Main wiring diagram
Engine wiring diagram
Controller area wiring diagram
Cab wiring diagram
Instruments and controls
Removing the console
Mater panel switch
Removing the instrument panel
Installing the instrument panel
Instrument panel switch location diagram
Cab switch location diagram
Lever guide switch location diagram
Main fuse box platform tractor
Main fuse box cab tractor
Power shuttle valve
Power takeoff valve
Solenoid valves
Position of the main electrical parts
Position of subchange lever position sensor
Position of the air conditioner controller panel
Position of the air conditioner controller unit
Position of the cabin harness assembly
Position of the engine harness coupler
Position of the head lamp
Position of the horn
Position of the starter
Sensor initial adjustment
Calibrating the point linkage
Lift arm and draft sensor
Location of instruments and controls
Instrument panel components
Calibrating the clutch pedal switch and sensor
Clutch pedal
Clutch pedal sensor
Clutch pedal switch
Forward/reverse lever
Calibrating the clutch initial time
Range shift lever
Gear shift lever
Parking lever switch, if equipped
Brake pedal switch
Throttle lever
Instrument panel
Stored engine speed switch
Calibrating the clutch initial time for the stored engine speed
Power takeoff shaft safety switch
Electrical and hydraulic control system
Main clutch system
Electronic diagnostic tool
Engine service tool software license
Connecting the electronic diagnostic tool
Fault code tree
Diagnostic codes (SPN)
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic schematic
Hydraulic schematic
Power shuttle transmission specifications
Transmission oil cooler and lubrication
General service procedures
Transmission oil
Checking the transmission oil level
Changing the transmission oil and filter
Suction filter
Suction filter specifications
Suction filter operation
Suction filter maintenance
Gear pump
Main pump
Sub pump
Power steering cylinder
Main cylinder
Main cylinder specifications
Assist cylinder, if equipped
Main relief valve
Installing the main relief valve
Main relief valve specifications
Main control valve
Steering orbit roll
Slow return valve
Assembling precautions for the slow return valve
Slow return valve specifications
Safety valve
Assembling precautions for the safety valve
Safety valve specifications
Power takeoff control valve
Assembling precautions for the power takeoff control valve
Power takeoff control valve specifications
Reduce valve
Assembling precautions for the reduce valve
Reduce valve specifications
Control valve
Assembling precautions for the control valve
Control valve specifications
Highlow valve (P type only)
Joystick valve (J type only)
Joystick valve specifications
Boom valve operation
Bucket valve operation
Remote control valve
Remote control valve specifications
Removing the remote control valve
Remote control valve assembly
Installing the remote control valve
Parts and hydraulic diagrams
Front loader adapter
External auxiliary hydraulics
Hydraulic control linkage
Auxiliary hydraulic valves
Joystick link and lever
Position control sensor and lever
Adjusting the position control lever
Threepoint linkage
Threepoint linkage specifications
Hydraulic system troubleshooting
Steering System
Hydrostatic steering
Major components
Orbit roll disassembly
Disassembling the gerotor side
Disassembling the control side
Inspecting the orbit roll
Assembling the control side
Assembling the gerotor side
Orbit roll specifications

Covers: Massey Ferguson 4607M, 4609M, 4610M Tractor
Pages: 656
Format: PDF file
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet
File size: 28mb
Note: Instant digital download only – no printed copy or CD-ROM media.

This is authentic Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM Massey Ferguson manual in PDF format. The Massey Ferguson Factory Service Manual (FSM) contains all service procedures for your Massey Ferguson agriculture equipment. In this Massey Ferguson service manual (also referred to as the Massey Ferguson repair manual or Massey Ferguson shop manual) you will find detailed step-by-step instructions, specifications, illustrations and diagrams. The Massey Ferguson Parts Manual, also called the parts catalog or IPL (Illustrated Parts Lookup) contains detailed parts explosions, exploded views, and breakdowns of all part numbers for all aspects of your specific Massey Ferguson equipment, including detailed engine parts breakdowns. The Massey Ferguson Operation and Maintenance Manual, or OMM, is the manual for owners and operators. It contains important information and instructions for operating your Massey Ferguson and includes maintenance descriptions of the functions and capabilities of the system. Description of possible faults / problems and their solution.